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Find and contact blockchain users for your project.
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Deliver on-chain content

Build audiences, deliver sponsored NFT and track performances.

Advertising platform

Build lookalike audiences from NFT collections and interests. Promote them content for a limited-time. Monitor your campaigns performances.

  • Find holders sharing behavioural traits
  • Create and deliver tailored Ephemeral NFT
  • Track campaigns attribution with on-chain data
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Explore on-chain data

Use blockchain transactions for targeting.

Multiple blockchains analytics

Discover insights and get analytics about the NFT market and wallets on four EVM blockchains.

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
The Flambo app blockchains
Flambo collections overlap spam

NFT collection insights

Monitor NFT collections, forecast revenue, and find better ways to monetise.

  • Holders list
  • Price and volume
  • Interest overlap

Engage the best web3 community

Find connected wallets, filter nasty bots, and dive into their content.

  • NFT wallet explorer
  • Balance overview
  • Spam detection
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